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Innovative skills in Europe and Asia

We build sustainable partnerships and bring skilled people to the green labour market

We work in Europe (EU countries) and Asia from Afghanistan till Japan

Our projects

Public Private Partnerships

Centre of Innovative Craftsmanship
With over 100 companies involved, 4 regional centres for the Food industry, and 4 sectoral centres for agriculture, this Centre is pushing to improve quality and relevance of vocational education, to attract more students to technical and engineering professions and offer them better jobs
Poultry Expertise Centre
World and European market leading businesses join hands with research and education to develop state-of-the-art training for sales and technical staff in the poultry industry as well as for advanced poultry students in Europe
International Horticulture Innovation and Training Centre (Jaipur, India)
Working with the PTC+ Foundation, we were involved in training of trainers, curriculum design, facilities and management

Green Vocational and Higher Education

Hi-tec Arable Crops Training Centre Aeres Group
As a market leader in smart farming training courses, this training centre will expand its advanced courses for students and specialists
Training centres in Asia
We took part in the development of the Flower Training Centre (Kunming, China), the Horticultural Training Centre (Kabul, Afghanistan), the Dairy Training Centre-University of Veterinary and Animal Science (Lahore, Pakistan), and more
Academic teaching and research
Preparation of a cooperative research project in euthanazing farm animals
Quality Enhancement Programs
Improvement of quality control systems based on an analysis of leadership, support and operations in higher professional education using the EFQM model
Course and Curriculum Innovation
Introduction of problem-based learning and other innovative learning and teaching systems in existing and newly designed programs of nature, agriculture, and environmental sciences
Strategic labour market planning for Higher Professional Environmental Studies
Research into long-term trends in environment and sustainability, gathering of expert opinions and conclusions regarding the job market for professional environmental engineers and scientists.

Animal Welfare and Sustainability

Anoxia- a novel method for responsible animal stunning and culling
Development of a production and distribution chain for innovative equipment for on-farm culling of diseased and cripple farm animals in Europe and Asia under animal welfare guarantees, developed and marketed by Anoxia
Innovation, competence and entrepreneurship in Green Cities
As over half of the worlds urban population now lives in Asia, cities in Asia have the urgency as well as the means to create a powerful and inspiring environment to address sustainable businesses. Many European cities are at the forefront of innovative solutions that increase sustainability. Comparing Green Cities in Europe, Japan and Korea, we work to identify best practices in urban responses to the crisis and to include these into education and research agendas.

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